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Our story & Vision

How & Why Dream VC Was Created

Dream VC began as an idea; birthed from countless conversations with ecosystem players across the continent, all ultimately centered around the problem around 'investor talent pipelines' and 'lack of infrastructure'.

Having worked across multiple continents including areas with widespread support networks in place for aspiring investors like the US & Europe, the founding team of Dream VC sought to create the same for Africa. Dream VC aims to break down the traditional access barriers into venture capital and specifically unlocking the untapped potential of investing 'on the ground' on the continent. In Africa, being an investor is so much more than just distributing capital - one must embrace the hard reality.


Being an investor in Africa means being in the trenches with entrepreneurs building solutions for hard problems, providing hands-on support and facing local barriers. Aside from this, there are also many cultural nuances to investing across Africa that would normally never be covered in general VC fellowships, hence the steep learning curve for those unfamiliar with these challenges. Thus, Dream VC was created to bridge that gap.


 After the successful pilot launch of Dream VC's flagship program in 2021, the organization has now returned with bold ambitions to accelerate the next generation of ecosystem-building African investors. Our fellows will be trained end-to-end and gain in-depth knowledge around investing through an Afro-centric lens, gaining the most valuable skills and toolkits to become successful investors in their respective ecosystem.   


We have built one of the most comprehensive and immersive VC fellowship programs in the world - and the only one specifically dedicated to investing across Africa.

How & Why Dream VC Was Created
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