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Become a Dream VC Ecosystem Partner


Dream VC's partners have been pivotal in supporting our mission and the work that we do within the African ecosystem. We strive to build long-term, inclusive and mutually beneficial relationships with every organization that we interact with with, particularly those who enter a partnership with which we honor with integrity and respect.

Due to our extensive work and desired impact across Africa, Dream VC also has a number of different types of partners which we work with in various capacities. The divisions of these partners are not always set in stone, rather they serve a guidelines for the various ways that both Dream VC and these organizations engage with one another, and in what capacity. 

Strategic Partners

These organizations help contribute to Dream VC's program delivery, development, and growth strategies

Ecosystem Partners

These organizations collaborate with Dream VC on pipeline building and local community engagement efforts 



These organizations aid in building out Dream VC's media presence, brand publicity and public relations



These organizations support Dream VC with additional resources, content and support for our programs, particularly for sessions

Contributing VC Partners

Interested in becoming a dream vc partner?

We are always keen to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations across the African continent and globally. If you see a mission alignment with what Dream VC is building, and would like to support us in our journey and vice versa, please get in touch with

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