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podcasts on the african vc & startup ecosystem

Our team at Dream VC have conducted extensive research in an effort to create an extra resource for aspiring investors and founders in African markets.


As big fans of podcasts, sub-stacks, blogs and video interview series - our team has put together a list for the growing audience of startup and investment enthusiasts across African startup ecosystems of relevant podcasts, interview series on the subject matter. With most lists and recommended readings featuring podcasts and series without relevance to the African context, or predominantly focused outside the continent, we thought it prudent to put together an African-focused VC, Entrepreneurship and Startup Podcast List. 


Our Methodology:

  • Our teams ran a survey, with a reach of over 1400 people, to collect recommended podcasts and series

  • Our staff took apart existing lists, cross checking for existing podcasts and series

  • We reviewed the websites of over 100+ VC funds w/ an Active African Portfolio

  • We reverse engineered browser searches and common search terms to find old podcasts

  • We reviewed historic websites across Internet Archives and old links

  • We combined this with our findings from Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud and 6 other platforms

  • We found accessible links that you can see, and where you can play the podcasts directly

  • We segmented fully-relevant African-focused VC & Startup Podcasts against those that only occasionally featured or discussed African startup stories or Investments

  • After filtering for anomalies (such as podcasts that never really kicked off or had poor quality content), we identified 125+ Directly Relevant and a further 30+ Partially Relevant Podcasts

If you think we missed any podcasts or you have a podcast you'd like to add, send us an email at and if it's relevant, we'll add it!

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