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Dream VC Brand Guidelines

Have a read if you have questions or thoughts about how to use the Dream VC Brand colours or descriptions. Don't worry - it's not too long and there's not much legal jargon! Got more questions or are not sure about your use case?

Email and we'll be happy to clarify it for you. 

Dream_VC_Logo_Png-nobg - Squared.png

Dream VC logo (Main)

Our logo is our most recognizable visual asset. That’s why we’re so protective of it. Take a moment to think how you apply it and take a read of our Brand Guidelines for examples of how we like you to use it.

Dream VC Greyscale PNG.png

Dream VC logo (Grayscale)

While our default logo is a gradient of yellow and purple, use the black & white version on layouts that are black & white only. You can also use this version on specific backgrounds where it's easier to see.

Dream VC Full Logo Transparent Bckgrnd.png

Dream VC Banner

Our Banner is used as a thumbnail, teaser or cover image for information about Dream VC. The best use case is as the 'preview' for an article/page/blog or as a preview of

Partnership Announcements

1 Partner

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2 Partners

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3 Partners

Partnership - Dream VC then 3 Brands.png

^ Blue lines and grey space are just for guidelines

Co-Founders Together Pictures

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Picture 4


Picture 2


Picture 5


Picture 3


Picture 6


Mark Kleyner, Co-Founder Pictures

Picture 1

Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4

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Cindy Ai, Co-Founder Pictures

Picture 1

Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4

Cindy Social Background.png

Biography Dream VC (Company)

Dream VC Description Short Length – From Dream VC Website

Dream VC is an investor accelerator dedicated to training the next generation of African-focused investors globally. Dream VC runs annual remote venture capital fellowship programs that provide the ideal launchpad for all aspiring and current investors to break into the African venture space.

Dream VC Description Medium Length – From Dream VC LinkedIn

Dream VC is an investor accelerator and community-driven platform providing rigorous remote programmes for aspiring African investors centering around venture capital. Dream VC aims to catalyze the next generation of African investors, with a particular focus on driven and underrepresented individuals (homegrown Africans, diaspora, and beyond) who wish to be impactful ecosystem builders in their communities.

Biography Dream VC (Co-Founders)

Cindy Ai, Co-Founder and Programme Director

Cindy Ai is a former startup operator and entrepreneur, where she spearheaded product growth strategies for multiple venture-backed women-led consumer and e-commerce startups in the US and Southeast Asia, growing annual revenues to seven figures. The companies she worked for have gone on to raise over $30 million USD from firms such as General Catalyst, a16z, GGV Capital, and Founders Fund. Cindy is currently the co-founder of Dream VC, an investor accelerator focused on training and fostering collaboration between the next generation of African-focused investors globally. Prior to Dream VC, Cindy worked on the platform side of venture capital for 7 different global funds on LP outreach & relations, community management, and portfolio support. 

Mark Kleyner, Co-Founder and Programme Director

Mark Kleyner is an entrepreneur, ecosystem builder and early-stage VC in Emerging Markets. Mark is currently the co-founder and programme director of Dream VC, an investor accelerator and community-driven educational platform providing rigorous remote programmes centered around the venture capital industry across Africa's startup ecosystems. A multi-time founder, Mark has worked within VCs in the UK, US, Europe and Africa and actively advises, coaches and mentors several very early-stage West & East African startups - who have gone on to raise upwards of $10m in Venture Financing, and joined programs like Google's BFFA, PioneerApp, TechStars and YC. Beyond these activities, Mark is an active startup mentor in 9+ Accelerators and Incubators at StartupBootcamp, Impact Hub Lagos, Seedstars, Founder Institute and Village Capital. Mark’s expertise centers around Venture Building, especially within the Consumer and Enterprise Technology sectors, but he actively works with startups in sectors including FinTech, E-Commerce, EnterpriseTech, AgriTech, Logistics and more.

Dream VC Brand Guidelines

Social Media Handles


Twitter - @_dreamvc_

LinkedIn – @Dream-VC


Twitter - @Aimnotsydney

LinkedIn – @CindyAi


Twitter - @MarkKleyner

LinkedIn – @MarkKleyner

Legal Disclaimer on Dream VC Trademarks

By using the Dream VC trademarks and resources that are made available on this site, you agree to follow the Dream VC Trademark Guidelines in our Brand Guidelines — as well as our Terms of Service and all other Dream VC rules and policies. If you have any questions, contact us at

Please submit your request in English (non-English materials must come with translations).

Wider Logo, Image, Description Usage

We want to protect our logo and our association with select firms, initiatives and activities as we strongly believe in actionable collaboration. Make sure to follow the guidelines outlined in our brand policies. Do not modify or distort our logo. Do you have questions about how to properly use our logo or other brand features? Email us at

Please submit your request in English (non-English materials must come with translations).

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