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The Access foundation

Dream VC's Internal Financial Aid Office

Program at a Glance

Dream VC’s Access Foundation provides need-based aid that allows us to bring the most outstanding fellows through Dream VC, regardless of their ability to pay. 


Thanks in large part to our generous corporate sponsors along with other donors and alumni, forty percent of our past fellows paid nothing to go through the program, and more than half of the fellows received need-based scholarships. 

With our generous financial aid program and a commitment to economic diversity, our Access Foundation team will work closely with every fellow to make sure nothing stands in the way of them joining our programs. 

By The Numbers




Of Past Dream VC Fellows Paid Nothing to Go Through the Program

Fellows Received Some Form of Need-Based Scholarships

Of Demonstrated Financial Need is Met

Guiding Principles

  • All Dream VC program applications are based on need-blind admissions. Therefore, an applicant’s financial need and their aid application will never affect their chance of being admitted to our programs

  • All financial aid packages are 100% need-based aid. The Access Foundation bases aid awards on need, not on merit - so the financial aid supports the prospective fellows who will benefit from it the most

  • Eligibility is determined in the same manner for all admitted fellows regardless of nationality or citizenship

  • The Access Foundation aims to meet each fellow's demonstrated financial need based on multiple factors including an individual and their family’s income, assets, size, and unusual expenses

demystifying financial aid packages

The first step to navigating the financial aid process with the Access Foundation is to determine whether or not you as an individual demonstrate financial need in regards to the program tuition. The tuition for the Launch into VC Program is $1500 USD, and the Investor Accelerator is $5000 USD

It is imperative for all program applicants to first determine their individual contribution ability based on a careful review of their respective income, assets, and overall financial circumstances. Beyond their own individual contribution, all applicants should also seriously evaluate other potential outside aid. 

It is important to note that all fellows regardless of their financial need are still expected to contribute to the programs in some form even if they receive a fully comprehensive financial aid package from the Access Foundation. In the past, this has been met with fellows supporting in internal initiatives within Dream VC and external work required by financial sponsors, due to them being primary beneficiaries of Dream VC's education at the generosity of our ecosystem supporters. 

Should an applicant qualify for financial aid from Dream VC’s Access Foundation, the team will create an individualized aid package offer based on the individual’s demonstrated need. The outcomes of the Access Foundation’s financial aid decisions will only be communicated to prospective fellows who have received an official Dream VC program offer after the final application stage. 


All decisions made on the financial aid package are final, although the finance team can suggest other sources of funds that maybe available from external sources.

Applying for financial aid

1. Applicants who require financial aid to cover program costs are to apply for need-based aid via the Dream VC Financial Aid Application by 23:59 GMT on April 14th. This application is extensive and will require documentation to be uploaded as demonstrated proof of aid, so applicants are encouraged to prepare ahead of time.

2. The Access Foundation Team alongside key decision-makers from our donor and corporate sponsor pool review all financial aid applications. Please note that this review process is conducted by a completely separate team from the general admissions committee, as all Dream VC program applications are need-blind. During this time, the Access Foundation Team may request additional references and further documentation materials from applicants to help in their decision-making process internally. 

3. By early-to-mid-May, the Access Foundation Team will touch base with the general admissions committee to pass along information regarding their final decisions for financial aid packages. Applicants who receive a final offer from Dream VC to join the incoming cohort will be sent their financial aid packages at the same time as their offer letters. 

4. All applicants who have been extended offers will have up to two weeks to make a final decision regarding their official acceptance of the Dream VC cohort offer alongside the financial aid package. Once accepted, the now cohort fellow will engage in the pre-onboarding process in preparation for program kickoff and will receive correspondence from the Access Foundation regarding payments should they still need to contribute financially to tuition. 

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