Launch into VC pROGRAM

A Fundamentals Crash Course to Breaking into Venture Capital for Young Working Professionals


14 Week Program

Packed with Activities, Teaching Fellows over 500h of Material Condensed into Easily Digestable Learning Sessions, Workshops and Panels

Regular Socials

Community is Core to Success in the Venture Capital Ecosystem. We Foster Community within Dream VC and Help You De-Stress and Better Absorb Information via Regular Socials and Cooldowns


Dream VC's Mentoring Network Pairs All Inbound Launch into VC fellows with former Dream VC Graduates, Allowing You to Foster Ties, Build Connections and Overcome Challenges in the Space

Individual & Group Assignments

Individual, Group and Timed Assignments Are at the Core of Dream VC's Learning Curriculum, Bringing You Up to Speed with Years of Experience in Just a Matter of Weeks

Block-Based Learning

Dream VC's Innovative Learning Structure Ensures You are Able to Understand the Ins and Outs of Each Particular Topic, Allowing You to Focus on Learning One Core Concept At a Time


Dream VC's Core Team is There to Help - We Provide Regular Office Hours and Actively Discuss Tasks, Challenges and Upcoming Activities Every Week, To Help You Stay on Top of Your Work

Weekly All Hands & Networking

By the End of the Program You Will Know All Your Peers and Will Have Had Plenty of Chances to Chat, Bond and Network

Top VC Speakers & Panelists

Learn From and Network Directly with Professionals in the Field, on Dedicated Sessions with Young VCs working in African-Focused Funds


Dream VC has Created and Curated One of the Largest, Resource-rich Databases on Venture Capital, VC investing and VC Fundraising available. We Provide Hundreds of Hours Worth of Extra Recorded Content and External Resources to All Fellows on Dream VC Programs to Further Their Learning, All On-Demand.

Who Should Apply?

(Possibly) Younger Age Demographic (U30) Looking to Break into Entry-Level Roles (Interns, Analysts, Associates) in African-Focused VC & Investment Firms

Early-Stage Professionals with 1 - 5 Years of Full-Time Work Experience in the Industry

Truly Exceptional Undergraduate, Postgraduate, & Recent Graduate Students with a Keen Interest and Demonstrated Passion for VC

Aspiring VC Scouts and Young Venture Builders Who Have a Wide Network to Leverage for a Prospective Investing Career

Note: Preference is given for individuals who identify as homegrown African or part of the diaspora, but we consider all applications if you demonstrate genuine interest and fit the program.

Launch into VC Fellows Will Learn 


Deal Sourcing + Screening


How to Conduct Startup Due Diligence


Investment Memos + Startup Valuation Method


Capitalization Tables + Equity Management


Understanding the 3 Financial Statements


Funding Terms + Terms Sheets


Interacting & Providing Value Add to Founders


Career Development for a Venture Capital Career


Exits & Portfolio Management 

Learning Dynamics
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Weekly Learning Sessions
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Active All-Hands, Socials and Networking
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Industry Leading Panels

Engage in 20h+ of Venture Capital Training, complemented by readings, assignments, projects and more!

Network with peers, build your confidence, develop a personal brand and position yourself for success!

Learn from a wide range of Speakers, Panellists, Experts and Industry Leaders across the African VC space and beyond!

mentorship network

Dream VC is passionate about empowering and building a strong community both within each program and between programs run by Dream VC. The Dream VC Mentorship Network engages successful graduates from former cohorts to mentor fellows in new programs.


Each Launch into VC program participant will be assigned to a mentor for the duration of the program, to help them get their footing in the Startup and VC ecosystem, build more connections and improve their likelihood of success. Mentorship Mixers will happen on a biweekly basis for up to an hour, with intimate breakout rooms for mentors and their respective mentees to have conversations in a safe space.

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Week 02

Week 03

Week 04

Week 05

Week 06

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Program Schedule

Learning Sessions


All Hands & Office Hours









Panels & Mentoring

Weekly Learning Sessions on Monday Late Afternoon GMT (1.5H)

All Workshops on Wednesday Late Afternoon GMT (1H)

Biweekly Socials on Friday Evenings GMT (Time Varies on Activity)

Weekly All Hands & Open Office Hours on Saturday Afternoon GMT (1H)

Biweekly Mentorship Sessions [Week 2 & 4 of Every Block] on Saturday Evenings GMT (1H)

Application Stages

Airtable Application

Passion Check & Technical Test

Group Interview

Final Individual Interview

Final Offers Extended

March 8th - May 1st 2022

April - May 2022

Early - Mid May 2022

Late May 2022

June 1st 2022

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