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Fellows Experience

Curious to hear what our fellows have to say about their experience at Dream VC? Here are some of their reviews and testimonies on how the program has changed their lives. . . 

Reflecting on dream vc
Featuring Christy & Olumide (Flagship Program '21)

"For someone who loves words, one buzzphrase I’ve come to hate is anything that remotely resembles 'democratising access' on any platform and solution. Seriously, don't blame me! Put it on the unoriginal fintech startups on this side of the Atlantic. 

So, of course, when I filled out the application form for Dream VC last year, I didn't have loads of expectations. 'I’ll just see how it goes while I wait out an MBA', I thought - which was my original break into VC hack. Boy, was I blown away! The lessons, the tasks, group projects, and the delightful duo that is Cindy and Mark. Everything all came together to ensure the 12 weeks of the fellowship were some of my best weeks of 2021.

Personally, asides from the abundant knowledge and firsthand insights I garnered about the VC sector on the continent, the program also gifted me a new set of colleagues and partners from across the globe. And for this, I’ll be eternally grateful.

If you’re on the continent and, like me, have previously pondered how to break into VC, the Dream VC fellowship is a no-brainer. It’s arguably the most intensive boot camp to help break into the industry on the continent and is a gift your future self will be grateful for. I look forward to continuing the revolution with you and can’t wait to welcome you to the Dream VC family."


Ikechukwu, nigeria, 2021 Flagship Fellow