Dream VC Ecosystem Partners

Our aim is to fully demystify, deconstruct and rebuild the Venture Capital industry across the African continent. This would not be possible without our range of incredible ecosystem partners, who help us reach, impact and identify passionate future fellows from the 54 ecosystems. 

We believe partnerships and community-driven innovation is always the way forward. Dream VC's Ecosystem Partners often fall within these categories:


Community & Diversity Partner

ESO Operating / Focused on Africa

*ESO: Entrepreneurship Support Organization (Incubator, Accelerator, Studio, Thinktank, Entrepreneurship Training etc.)

Corporate Partners & Sponsorships


Community & Diversity Initiatives, Specifically Those that are Mission-Aligned and Share the Vision of Democratizing Access for Underestimated & Underrepresented Individuals


Corporate Partners and Prospective Sponsors Interested in Supporting the Next Pipeline of African Investors and Ecosystem Builders


Entrepreneurship Support Organizations Operating in or Focused on Africa, Who Want to Collaborate on Events to Educate Their Network About the Potential of VC in Africa

We are always open to requests from other partners, service providers (especially startups!) so if you feel there is a way for us to collaborate, check out the FAQ below and get in touch with our team at